Digital project manager (32-40h/w)

Digital Project Manager (32-40h/w)

Please be aware that full professional proficiency in the Dutch language is an essential requirement for this job.

We’re looking for a digital project manager. If you have several years of experience in managing digital projects, this job can be a nice step-up for you.

What will you be doing?

For your clients, you are a consultant who is great at analyzing and decomposing complex business environments. Once you have a full understanding of how the client can benefit from TRIMM’s expertise, you and your team are responsible for developing novel ideas to streamline client processes or enhance the client’s value proposition. You are closely involved with the client’s innovation processes and you’re able to translate their business reality towards the team. Furthermore, you will be responsible for managing expectations between the client and the team. In order to do this properly, you apply your strong communicative skills.

As a digital project manager, you are part of an autonomously operating multidisciplinary team which possesses a wealth of experience in UX/UI-design, front-end, and back-end development. Your most prominent role in this team is to form a bridge between the clients and the team. You’re well versed in motivating and inspiring the team for the client case. You will be managing stakeholders and keeping a close eye on the budgets to make sure that the team can do their jobs at the best of their ability. The TRIMM teams usually work on multiple projects for various clients at the same time. Consequently, we expect that you will be involved in a wide range of parallel operated projects.

What do we expect of you?

To speak in terms of required features, there are a number of expectations we have about an ideal candidate for this job.

Must have

  • Being able to recognize business opportunities is second nature to you. This enables you to think of new ways to create value and enhance existing businesses with internet technology;
  • You possess a strong analytical midset. You support your ideas with concise and valid reasoning in communication with the client and the team;
  • You have a great understanding of what the role of a project manager entails, you well versed in agile project methods and you understand how you can fill in the roles consultant and project manager interchangeably;
  • You look forward to spending two to three days a week at the client’s offices;
  • For obvious reasons we expect you to be fully proficient in business English. Additionally, you are required to be able to speak, read and write in the Dutch language.

Nice to have

  • Although this experience is not strictly necessary to be eligible for this job, we consider it beneficial if you have hands-on experience in product or software development.

What can we offer you?

At TRIMM we work with more than a hundred specialists to design, build, host and maintain digital platforms, sites, portals, shops and campaigns for clients such as Philips, Liberty Global, Maxi-Cosi, DSM, Nexperia, Grolsch and KLM. Because we work in multidisciplinary teams, we have a shared responsibility for the prosperity of our clients and the success of the projects. In doing so, we constantly search for the next step; every project needs to be better than the previous one. The result of this philosophy is that we have already won several prizes with the web applications, platforms, and campaigns that we have developed. This makes TRIMM an awesome place to work!

As a digital project manager at TRIMM, you become co-responsible for innovative projects for a wide range of clients. Being offered an intimate perspective on how these clients perform their business can sometimes be challenging, but always offers a diverse learning opportunity. In collaborating with the team you can also learn a lot from how each team member’s expertise affects their view on a practical situation. The team is young,  sociable, results-oriented and enthusiastic. It feels good to share the responsibility for the client’s success with your team.

At TRIMM we pay extensive attention to your personal and professional growth. You are provided with ample opportunity to grow in your profession and your particular expertise. For this purpose, we have reserved a budget for training & coaching purposes. In learning and development we expect you to take the initiative; if you know how you want to shape your personal development, we will help you with the means to turn this into reality.

TRIMM has always stood out with very attractive employment conditions. Obviously, you will receive a salary befitting the responsibilities you hold in this job.

Where can you apply?

Do you want to become a digital project manager at TRIMM? Please send us your résumé and cover letter via*, or use the below contact form. For more information about TRIMM, feel free to contact us via telephone on +31(0)53 4800 480.

*By sending us your email application, you agree to the necessary condition that TRIMM-HR will share your personal data among a select group of colleagues within TRIMM to evaluate your candidacy. Your personal data will be deleted from the TRIMM systems after completion of your application process.

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