Frontend developer with experience in Angular/Typescript (32-40h/w)


TRIMM is searching for a frontend developer with experience in Angular/Typescript, based in Enschede, the Netherlands. As a frontend developer at TRIMM, you will be challenged to develop complex web applications for our international clients. Interested? Check out the vacancy details below and apply!

What you will do as frontend developer

In this job, you will be part of a multi-disciplinary agile development team. Many of the developed applications in this team contain product configurators in which 3D-models are rendered on client-side based user input. The applications are often aimed at supporting users in making decisions with long-term impact; for example, applications to assist in choosing a study or tools for configuring complex machinery and products. Additionally, this team builds corporate websites which are technically a little less complicated. The main challenge in these projects is implementing micro-animations in the user interfaces.

Technology and tools

In terms of technology, you will use HTML, (S)CSS, Angular/Typescript, ThreeJS, NodeJS and REST APIs. We use Gitlab for version control, Jira, Docker, ElasticSearch, Jelastic, IntelliJ, Azure, and AWS. If you lack experience with some of these technologies and tools, don’t worry; we’ll help you gain the required expertise.

We use an effective development philosophy which works for particular target audiences. If an application requires cutting-edge technology, we will obviously use that technology. Technological innovations are always to improve the project quality; never because of a desire to be at the technological bleeding edge even though a project doesn’t really require it.

Working together with multiple teams

You’ll primarily be working with the designer and three backend developers in this team. The main part of your role is translating designs to working web interfaces in which the backend is presented in an attractive way. You’ll be discussing with the backend developers how the application should be structured so you and the other frontend developer can effectively use the REST APIs. You receive a lot of freedom in deciding which technologies should be used in the frontend. The other frontend developer in the team enjoys experimenting with new technologies, so perhaps he can be your sparring partner.

After your team completes a project, it will be transferred to the TRIMM Application Maintenance team. In this partnership, your team makes sure to periodically inform/instruct the maintenance developers about any new technologies that you have used in the project. It’s fun to share knowledge and have a team-transcending sense of ownership for the projects you’re working on and to trust in the level of professionality of the maintenance team.

Personal growth and responsibility

With your expertise, you can greatly influence decisions about architecture, design, procedures and work processes. When transcending the team level, you and the other TRIMM employees are asked to provide input for the organizational strategy and philosophy. You will also be included in a group of frontend developers from different teams who share knowledge about technology and tooling.

At TRIMM we have almost no hierarchy. Your growth as a professional should therefore not be seen as an upwards journey on an organizational ladder. You will get a lot of freedom for innovation, which enables you to grow in a technical sense. This growth is obviously accompanied by an increase in salary and benefits.

We expect you to take the initiative in your own career development. TRIMM has a large budget for training and development, and we create time to attend courses or meetups. You’re expected to proactively choose the areas you which to develop yourself in and deciding on ways to achieve this development. This creates more focus and motivation in pursuing career development.

What we can offer

  • You will become co-responsible for prize-winning projects for international clients;
  • Good primary and secondary employment conditions;
  • With TRIMM’s large training budget we pay substantial attention to your professional growth and personal development;
  • A down-to-earth and results-oriented team;
  • A comfortable workplace in our open and modern office building in Enschede.

Our ideal candidate

Must have:

  • You have about two years of experience with technologies such as HTML, (S)CSS, Angular/Typescript, NodeJS, and REST APIs;

  • While you will not become primarily responsible for design, as a frontend developer you are aware of UX-principles;

  • You enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team;

  • You enjoy building complex web applications;

  • You can support your opinion with valid reasoning and you are able to adjust your position when discussing topics with others;

  • If it is necessary to change the project planning, you can gauge the impact of this change and adapt to the change.

  • You enjoy fooling around with the team. Having fun at the workplace is important!

Nice to have:

  • It’s a huge bonus if you have experience with ThreeJS;

  • Do you have experience with Vue and React? That will come in handy;

  • Experience in Java and Magnolia CMS are valuable;

  • It’s beneficial if you have experience in AR/VR or mobile app development.v


Do you want to become a front-end developer at TRIMM? Send us your resumé and motivation letter to*, or use the below contact form. For more information about TRIMM, you can visit our website or call 053-4800480.

*By sending us your email application, you agree to the necessary condition that TRIMM-HR will share your personal data among a select group of colleagues within TRIMM to evaluate your candidacy. Your personal data will be deleted from the TRIMM systems after completion of your application process.

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