“When I go to TRIMM, I go to my friends”

“When I go to TRIMM, I go to my friends”

Christian van den Berge is Digital Marketing Consultant at TRIMM. We asked him all about digital marketing, data and a running competition of 62 kilometers in this interview.

What do you do as Digital Marketing Consultant?

"I advise our customers on how they can use digital marketing to reach their company objectives. This is all about bringing together the goals of the organizations and their customer’s wishes.

When you’re advising, you think about more than just the resources that could be used: first, you help organizations to formulate objectives. In my opinion, people sometimes look too one-sidedly to persona’s and buyer journeys. They are important, but people tend to forget that they have to match the objectives of the organization. And I am not talking about objectives like increasing market share or increasing conversions, objectives need to be formulated much more specifically in order to successfully use digital marketing."

What do you like about your job?

"I really enjoy thinking along with customers. I get my energy by helping people further by asking them the right questions and giving them insight. I also have a big passion for data: I measure and analyze everything. Customers often have certain ideas about what is going on and I look at the available data to check if this supports their ideas. This gives me the input to give them sound advice."

You are known as THE data addict of TRIMM, aren’t you?

"Yes, I keep track of a lot of things: my sleep, my weight, my running training, how much coffee I drink, how many calories I take in… I even have an Excel sheet gas usage of my car! From this data I like to extract new ideas for improvement. This is also called ‘life hacking’ or ‘the quantified self’. I am going to do the Mozart 100 in June – an ultra trail run of 62 kilometers through the mountains of Austria. Keeping track of my workouts provides insight into my sporting performance and physical condition, so that I can see if I am still on track to achieve this goal. Many people here at TRIMM think I am crazy that I even want to achieve this goal, haha!"

What are the trends that you see in the field of digital marketing?

"One of the most important trends in the field of digital marketing is machine learning and big data. TRIMM works for many b2b organizations and buyer cycles are complex in b2b context. They are longer and there are often less conversions. This makes the work challenging, because this means that there isn’t any big data. You are forced to immerse yourself in the matter and really understand it, to make sure that you do not just use certain tools. I think TRIMM is very good at this, we always want to deliver custom work: to do what the customer gets the most value from."

When do you go home feeling good?

"Going home feeling good is a goal in itself for me. Having fun at work is very important to me. How stressfull a day might be, I think there should always be room to have fun with each other. It makes you work better together and gives you more energy and creates space in your head, making you more effective in the rest of your time."

What distinguishes TRIMM from other employers?

"The personal responsibility and freedom you get here is really special. I think it is important to mention this linked, because freedom naturally brings responsibility with it. In addition, people at TRIMM are genuinely interested in each other. When I go to TRIMM, I go to my friends. I’ve been to enough organizations where that was not the case at all. Sometimes we know our customers better that they know each other in that organization."

Any tips for people who come to work in digital marketing at TRIMM?

"Be open, curious and critical. This will help you to advise customers properly. Do not be satisfied with an initial answer but keep asking questions until you really understand the problem. Also, do not take things as truth because it is explained like that to you by a colleague."


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