TRIMM stories

"To work for a brand like Grolsch is awesome. I'm really proud to work for these kind of projects as a front-end developer!"

Pascal has been working as a frontend developer at TRIMM since 2013. This interview gives an impression of his work and his collaboration with other colleagues.

"Because you work with different customers, you are constantly working on a different digital approach. It requires good switching, but that is what makes my job as a digital marketer at TRIMM so challenging!"

Cynthia Kuipers has been part of TRIMM's digital marketing team since July 2018. In this interview, Cynthia gives you a quick look behind the scenes as a digital marketer.

“I glue a lot of things together, this may sound odd, but I am responsible for connecting design and development."

Berend Swennenhuis is a front-end developer at TRIMM. In this interview he tells us how he got here and how he uses his developer-skills to fire his bow in his spare time.

"Working at TRIMM means having the freedom to do things in accordance with your own personal vision: you can really be yourself at TRIMM."

Nikki de Wals is a User Experience designer at TRIMM. In this interview she will elaborate on the reason why she chose to work at TRIMM and her personal motivation to develop the ultimate application for grocery shopping.

“When I go to TRIMM, I go to my friends”

Christian van den Berge is Digital Marketing Consultant at TRIMM. We asked him all about digital marketing, data and a running competition of 62 kilometers in this interview.

"It's great to see TRIMM is committed to promoting craftsmanship"

Jesper Jeeninga works as a tester at TRIMM. In this interview, we've challenged him to convince us of the added value of the testing profession, the company TRIMM and the Friday afternoon drinks.