Professionals in Training

Professionals in Training

At TRIMM, we believe that organizations have a strong responsibility for the education of young talent. In order to provide students the best possible learning workplace, TRIMM established its subsidiary 'PiT' in 2006. PiT means Professionals in Training.


Our talent program

When you start working at TRIMM as a student, you'll join the talent program 'PiT'. You will become a full member of one of our teams and you can participate in projects for large (international) clients. During your career you will be coached by colleagues who have a lot of experience in the field of your interest. They give you assignments, answer your questions and challenge you to reach a higher level. You get the chance to discover new techniques and share them with your team. Under the banner: challenging but not stressful, you will be stimulated to push your limits. For 15 years now, coaching PiT'ers has been an household name within TRIMM.

Focus on talent development

You are working on your personal growth every day. You will develop yourself by just doing. As a result, you will grow as a person and eventually become a professional in your field. There is plenty of time available for knowledge development. You are welcome to spend an afternoon immersing yourself in programs such as Magnolia, CSS, PHP, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or in the client's domain. At TRIMM there is an open, informal but professional culture. As a result, there are opportunities to create your own job. Be curious and dream, dare and do! As a PiT'er you are of course a student. Therefore, working hours can be flexibly adjusted to your study schedule. Most importantly; your studies do not have to suffer from your work at TRIMM.


If you are still studying or at the beginning of your career, it is valuable to pay attention to personal development. Therefore, PiT offers the possibility to participate in intervision. This is a confidential group of about six participants (students and young professionals) where everything may and can be discussed. Every week they come together for an hour. You help each other with new insights about motivation, study discipline, giving feedback and working in a structured way. The intervision is perceived as an enormous asset by many PIT employees in their development as skilled employees.

Expand your career at TRIMM? No problem!

Are you ambitious and looking for career opportunities? PiT offers fantastic growth opportunities to TRIMM. We would like to keep the knowledge in Twente. After an internship at TRIMM there is often a possibility to stay as a student employee. For example, you can continue working in the same team for twelve hours a week for a nice salary. This way, you do not have to say goodbye to the pleasant Friday afternoon drink! Are you working as a PiT'ter and almost finished studying? Push your limits, show yourself and discover TRIMM!

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Like to know more about TRIMM or PiT?

Are you wondering what it is like to learn and work at TRIMM? You could also read the stories of TRIMMers, or view the website of TRIMM exactly what we do. Would you like to work at TRIMM? Check the vacancies here or send an open application! Want to know more about our talent program, or do you have another question? Then contact us via the button below.