"I like working in a team. At my previous job I was also part of a team, but I missed the team spirit."

"I like working in a team. At my previous job I was also part of a team, but I missed the team spirit."

After just over a year, Hans is rejoining us as a senior software developer. Hans worked at TRIMM for 21 years, but was ready for something new. However, after 13 months he found that he missed the team-spirit of TRIMM. In this interview you can read more about how Hans experiences TRIMM as an organization.

You've worked at TRIMM before, and then worked elsewhere for a year. What made you come back to TRIMM?

I like working in a team. At my previous job I was also part of a team, but I missed the team spirit. It was more the "every man for himself" mentality and that disappointed me. I also like the informal atmosphere at TRIMM. I didn't leave TRIMM out of dissatisfaction, but more to see if I would make it elsewhere. After 13 months I found the answer: Yes, I can. I felt honored that TRIMM asked me at the time if returning to the TRIMM was an option, well it certainly was! 

What do you think distinguishes TRIMM from other employers?

What I have noticed is that TRIMM is steps ahead of the organization where I worked in terms of professionalism. I also think that in many cases TRIMM knows how to hire the right people who fit into the informal yet professional work atmosphere. They don't just look at a diploma or experience, in my opinion this is how you keep the team spirit (people really need to fit together). Another quality of TRIMM: Being involved in the ups and downs of you as an individual, which became clear to me after the crash during my last ski trip with TRIMM.  Last but not least: the parties and getaways at TRIMM are legendary, something I love immensely ;-) 

Where is the challenge for you at TRIMM?

A challenge at TRIMM is the fact that sometimes you have to work for not 1 but multiple clients. This creates variety but can also cause annoyance, I think as soon as you start to get annoyed you should communicate this in an appropriate way. What I also missed at my previous job is the client contact. From what I am used to at TRIMM: short lines of communication with the client is a do rather than a don't. However, the problem is that once you are on the customer's radar, they start approaching you directly. Again, I think you have to find a balance by letting the project leader know when it gets too much. 

What are the greatest moments you have experienced at TRIMM?

Celebrating the TRIMM anniversaries at Terschelling and in Luxembourg and the Oktoberfest +- 5 years ago.

If someone is hesitant to apply at TRIMM, what do you recommend they do?

Become a TRIMM’er for a day, take a look at the numerous photos taken during TRIMM events and remember that you have a lot of freedom, if you can handle it well.