"You get to explore what you really like doing."

"You get to explore what you really like doing."

My name is Pien van Dalen, I am 23 years old and I have been working as a digital marketer at TRIMM since September. In 2021 I started as a PiT'ter at the Serivcedesk.

I experienced this period as PiT'ter as a pleasant and fun challenge in which I learned new things. You get the opportunity to explore what you really like to do, both within the service desk work and within TRIMM. This gave me the opportunity to look further within TRIMM, which resulted in a nice job as TRIMMER in the digital marketing team.

I look back to this period with a lot of pleasure in which I not only learned a lot but also got to know very nice people whom I now consider friends. I would really recommend TRIMM as a company if you are looking for a nice job!

My tip to future PiT'ter? Show perseverance and initiative! Look for opportunities to pick up things yourself. It May be scary in the beginning, but you get so much in return.

Curious about how Pien experiences the atmosphere at TRIMM? Check out the video below!