"Constantly a different digital approach: it requires good switching, but that is what makes it so challenging for me!"

"Because you work with different customers, you are constantly working on a different digital approach. It requires good switching, but that is what makes my job as a digital marketer at TRIMM so challenging!"

Cynthia Kuipers has been part of TRIMM's digital marketing team since July 2018. In this interview, Cynthia gives you a quick look behind the scenes as a digital marketer.

Tell me, what are you doing at TRIMM?

I have been working as a digital marketer at TRIMM since July 2018, a challenging and varied job. I work for various clients, where I can share my thoughts and work on digital strategies and campaigns. What I like about my role within TRIMM is that I'm not just working from the computer. I spend a lot of time away from the office, consulting with clients, meeting new clients or providing training and workshops. That gives me a lot of new inspiration and energy.

What challenges do you encounter during your work?

What I consider to be a great challenge is that each client has his or her own specific objectives and wishes that you must take into account as a digital marketer. That forces you to deal with digital marketing in a different way every time. Based on the client's business objectives, we determine the digital strategy, channels and resources. This is how we achieve the best result. It requires good switching, but for me that is what makes my job as a digital marketer so challenging!

What is really a hot topic that digital marketers cannot ignore?

In practice we see that companies are busy with database marketing and the implementation of marketing automation tools. It is striking that many companies have these themes on the agenda but are not sure how to deal with them. This starts with the first step: what data is available? Many companies are unaware of what data they already have available, how they can combine and interpret it. Other hot topics are the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.The other day I followed a course on artificial intelligence with a colleague. We also look at how we can use this for our clients. Of course, it does need to add something and not just be used because it is 'new' and 'trending'. In short, it must contribute to the customer's objectives. 

Digital Marketing is a dynamic field. How do you ensure that you remain up to date with all the latest developments?

One of the tools we use to ensure that we as a team are always up to date with the latest developments and to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to our clients is a knowledge matrix. A knowledge matrix provides insight into the subjects and components of digital marketing and the knowledge of all the digital marketers in our team. This enables us to see at a glance where we can improve ourselves.

What was your first impression of TRIMM?

I was looking for a new challenge, wanted to get more into the content of the field and I always thought it would be nice to work for an agency. TRIMM had a professional appearance to me. What I like about TRIMM is that we work at an international level. It also appealed to me that TRIMM has been awarded as the best full-service internet agency for years. I always want to accept the challenge and achieve a good performance. A company that wins awards is of course a perfect environment in which I can learn a lot. All my colleagues have a passion for their field and are eager to create something beautiful. The multidisciplinary teams work very hard to achieve this.

What is your current experience at TRIMM?

The atmosphere at TRIMM is good, I noticed that a flat organizational structure works well for me.  We have a lot of fun parties. Because you see each other so much outside working hours, you easily become friends with each other. It's also great to see that TRIMM employs various types of people, where everyone can be themselves.

Thank you for this interview, Cynthia!

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