"It's great to see TRIMM is committed to promoting craftsmanship"

"It's great to see TRIMM is committed to promoting craftsmanship"

Jesper Jeeninga works as a tester at TRIMM. In this interview, we asked him all about the added value of the testing profession, the company TRIMM and the Friday afternoon drinks.

How did you get in at TRIMM?

"With my previous employer, after more than five years, I did not have many career opportunities. I was still satisfied with my job, but I was also open to a new challenge. Rob Leemkuil, one of the system administrators at TRIMM, gave me the hint to send an open application to TRIMM. I did that and I was invited for an interview. TRIMM wanted to take testing in the organization to a higher level. After the second conversation I had a one day trial. This way TRIMM could see what my abilities are and I could see if this is a company I wanted to work for. During this day I had many conversations with the teams about testing. It showed that there was sufficient challenge and commitment for me to seize this opportunity."

What is your function?

"As a tester, I have one main goal: to improve the quality of our software. I do this on the one hand by testing it hard in a test environment and finding bugs. On the other hand, I try to create more awareness in the organization for testing.

Most of the profit can be obtained if a tester is involved in the development of a website or application right from the start. I am actively involved in the entire development process: what problems does the customer have and how are we going to solve this? Developers often work towards the solution in a certain pattern. However, sometimes they are immune to potential problems. That is where I distinguish myself as a tester: looking at the solution without blinkers. In addition, I regularly attend a refinement session. I ask critical questions that ensure that problems are solved before something is built."

What do you like about your job?

"The work is very diverse: the regular test work, which always remains fun. But it is also very nice to try bringing about a culture change, so that people can ultimately work better. It is very difficult to convince people directly of the added value of testing, but you can certainly add something to the development process. A customer recently indicated that the development process had run smoother compared to the previous project, which I was not involved in yet. I consider my mission succeeded."

How do you stay informed in your profession?

"I recently went to Testbash Belfast, where I gained a lot of contacts. I share a lot of knowledge in this community. In addition, I try to develop the subject of testing, because testing is a neglected chiled at many colleges and universities. Once a person is a developer, he or she will not quickly become a tester. It is really a different thing than programming, and I like to work hard to develop the testing profession."

When do you go home with a good feeling?

"If you notice that the teams and customers appreciate what you do. It is difficult for a tester to get real appreciation, as your work is not always visible. You are a ninja: the work is getting better, but it is not necessarily due to the tester. I do not mind that that honor does not go to me, but it is nice to see that the process has improved. In that case, I go home quietly and enjoy."

What is your best memory of your time at TRIMM so far?

"I will have to choose ... The summer BBQ was fun, the craft beer evening with darts too ... But I still choose the weekly Friday afternoon drinks. Very nice to have a beer after work with the colleagues that are present. Often, we have such a good time that we all order a pizza and hang out."

What distinguishes TRIMM from other employers?

"I like the flat hierarchy; there is a distinction between roles and management, but it is very accessible. Although it is a big company, everyone interacts on an equal footing.

It's very cool to see that TRIMM is committed to promoting craftsmanship: not only serving customers but also improving the profession and performing well. That means I can really immerse myself in the subject of testing. That is very cool. In addition, it's not only good for the company, but for the profession in general as well. And in this way the quality of software is also improved."

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