"To work for a brand like Grolsch is awesome. I'm really proud to work for these kind of projects as a front-end developer!"

"To work for a brand like Grolsch is awesome. I'm really proud to work for these kind of projects as a front-end developer!

Pascal has been working as a frontend developer at TRIMM since 2014. This interview gives an impression of his work and his collaboration with other colleagues.

Hi Pascal! How did you become a TRIMM employee and what exactly do you do?

Before I joined TRIMM, I worked for several smaller software companies that were mainly focused on the B2C market. I had an influential role there. However, the current climate is such that a negative financial change can quickly cost a small company its head. After that, I was looking for more stability, challenge, and work in the B2B market. TRIMM crossed my path and at a certain moment, I made the decision for myself to start working here! I've been doing that for almost 6 years now as a front-end developer. I mainly convert graphic designs to working websites, in cooperation with backend developers.

Do you also work with design, like the UX/UI designers do?

In order to properly carry out the feasibility and complexity of a design, I work closely with user experience and user interface designers. A UX'er or UI'er can come up with cool ideas, but if it takes an awful lot of time to work out and that may not be within budget, then we have to make concessions. We then have to focus more on feasibility, perhaps there will be another time for a better look & feel. 

What does such cooperation look like?

We start with a design. In this preliminary phase, I am involved in testing the technical feasibility. At this stage, I indicate how much time it will take to work out the idea and where there are potential bottlenecks that need to be taken into account. For example, if the design of a component is updated, this often has consequences for development. The sooner these issues are identified, the sooner they can be processed by the UX'er or designer in an updated design. This provides a realistic picture for the customer.

And how is your collaboration with backend developers?

This cooperation is very similar to the cooperation with the designers. I know what I need on the backend side and I am well adapted to my colleagues so that consultation goes quite smoothly. The interaction works very well, we have a certain consistency in solutions. 

What makes it so enjoyable for you to work B2B-focused instead of B2C?

Working in the B2B business gives more structure, the B2C market works more 'bite snap' and you often have direct contact with the customer. This means a lot of switching with the customer and the assignments are often on a much smaller scale. By the way, it's not that you don't have contact with B2B customers, but this works in a different way. With B2B you have more control over the process and more structure because you work in a larger team. This also leaves more room for innovation. In addition, the target group of your work is also very different, for B2C you want to address consumers around the corner and not multinationals.

Which project did you work on and that makes you very proud?

For Grolsch, we have developed several websites such as Grolsch.nl, Ontdekkornuit.nl, Meantimebrewing.nl, and Peroni.nl. We are also working for Grolsch on a large platform for the B2B market. It's very cool to be able to do this and work for such a beautiful brand.

If people are hesitant about applying to TRIMM, what would you recommend?

At TRIMM, you work together in different project teams, creating a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere within the organisation. You don't have to doubt the size of TRIMM, whether it suits you. Honestly: when I started working here, I had my doubts about the number of colleagues. But you don't work with all 100 people, you really have your own team you work with. In addition, I have experienced that TRIMM is really different from other comparable companies. When I came here, I mainly worked with PHP, but I ended up in a team that only worked with Java. That took a lot of getting used to in the beginning and didn't really fit in with my style. My direct supervisor helped me with this and in the end, I was able to work on a project that did fit me well. The fact and the feeling that I was immediately taken care of helped me to cross the barriers and ultimately ensured that I still enjoy working here.

Thank you for your time, Pascal!

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