"TRIMM is informally professional"

"TRIMM is informally professional"

Ever wondered what it is like to work at TRIMM? A few of our employees (TRIMM’ers) will tell you about their experiences in a series of interviews. It is Timo Janssens turn today!

What is your job, and can you describe it in a few sentences?

"I am a Software Engineer at the Application Maintenance department. I work on maintenance, stabilizing and improving the software we have developed for customers."

What do you like about your job?

"I like that it is so varied. I work with different software systems like Magnolia, Magento and Sitecore and I work for many different clients. You must know something about everything to make this work. My job is also challenging because I am constantly setting priorities. I might be working for one customer one minute and the next another customer can all with an urgent problem. I have to drop everything I am working on instantly and get working on the new, more urgent issue."   

What are the downsides of your job?

"I have just told you that setting priorities makes my work challenging, but it can also create less enjoyable moments. At the moment I am too busy. Due to prioritizing and switching between customers I regularly have to work overtime. We are one developer short at the moment. We are looking for somebody who is a quick learner. It doesn’t have to be somebody with 20 years work experience, but this person has to be able to learn in a short amount of time why systems work the way they do."

What project are you proud of?

"I am proud of the project I am working on now: the Sitecore integrator role for one of our international clients. This project is about managing, guarding and improving the client’s complete digital platform. It seemed like an impossible order at the start, because several development parties are working on our platform and we had to find a way to make the process as smooth as possible. We now have this process in order so that it is working. I have developed and set up some of these processes."

What is a good memory you have of your time at TRIMM so far?

When I was working at TRIMM for a few months, a server went down one evening and the whole team had to work overtime until 5 am. It doesn’t sound like fun, but the team spirit was high, the music was loud, and the potato chips were on the table. It was very nice from a technical point of view and we solved the problem together. Another good memory is the 80’s & 90’s party, which we attended with a bus full of TRIMM employees. It was the good kind of fun."

What do you like about TRIMM?

"I would describe TRIMM as informally professional. I feel at home here. The colleagues are great and the atmosphere is always nice. TRIMM also organizes memorable parties once in a while, there is always room for fun."

What would you like to achieve?

"Eventually, I would like to do less and less maintenance and more innovation. I want to work towards the fact that in the long term we automate maintenance to such an extent that we can spend less time on that and more on innovation. I would like to play an essential part in making that possible."


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