"Bringing supply and demand together is a challenge to me every time"

"Bringing supply and demand together is a challenge to me every time"

Most new TRIMM employees see their new colleagues on a Monday morning. Jeroen Wijnholds did not, he met more than 100 people during the Christmas dinner.

How did that feel, your first time?

"That was intense. I knew two people at TRIMM and they were not there yet when I entered a well-filled canteen where the pre-party had just started. It was immediately fun, everyone was interested. But I couldn't remember any of the names. Fortunately, I was able to make another attempt on the first day of the new year. On my first day at work, together with Marc, I did a tour through the building to get to know everybody and wish my new colleagues a happy New Year."

What is your function?

"I am a digital business designer. Together with the customer I sit around the table to develop concepts that help them further in their business operations. Then I get back to TRIMM and sit with a team to translate these concepts into a digital solution. So I have a lot to do with clients as well as with our internal organization.
Conceiving concepts fits seamlessly with my background as Industrial Designer. The only difference is that the products are now virtual, which of course offers many more possibilities and gives more room for creativity."

What do you like about your job?

"The open environment with nice people and the projects for interesting customers. Bringing supply and demand together is a challenge to me every time. It's a challenge to truly understand what the customer needs, to find out the question behind the question. The next step is to work out a concept together with the team in which that question is answered properly and which really helps the customer. And what's perhaps the best thing: I am part of every team (as I work with all of them), that makes a company with 120 people still feel small."

Can you give an example of that?

"I liked the pitch for Broshuis. They are pretty well developed online already and it is great that we are going to take the next step with them. The personal relationships with the people I work with have made it extra fun."

When are you going home with a good feeling?

"When I notice that customers become enthusiastic about my ideas. coming up with a beautiful plan together with the customer. And then, if the team works on the ideas and makes something very cool, that really gives me a kick!"

What is your best memory of your time at TRIMM so far?

"The first big plans that I made together with a customer and then the discovery of how quickly we were able to realize this at TRIMM.
In addition, a lot happens outside of work. The 90's party is a good example of this. I had not been working at TRIMM for so long when I went to the party. I got to know my colleagues in a different way. And vice versa. Luckily I did not immediately mess it up for myself in the festivities."

What distinguishes TRIMM from other employers?

"Many people at TRIMM are young and have the same interests. Therefore, there's a nice atmosphere. I just mentioned the interesting and challenging customers. And there are a lot of activities for the staff. That is why I've become a part of Connect now, our staff association, the team that organizes the Christmas dinner, Easter breakfast, 90's party and many other outings."


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